Bus Policy

Children are our most precious cargo and the most important reason for ISGT to implement safety guidelines for bus transportation.  By having a set of established guidelines, our bus drivers, school administration, teachers, students and parents are making a commitment to work together to provide our students the safest journey to and from school. 


ISGT’s school bus drivers are the backbone of its transportation department.  It is mandatory that all ISGT drivers are state certified through the Ohio Department of Education’s Pupil Transportation Office.   In addition to work experience, each driver has completed over 30 hours of Pre-service and In-service training.  Our bus drivers have training in the following areas:

  • Bus operation and safety practices
  • Pupil loading and unloading
  • Emergency procedures
  • First aid
  • Motor vehicle laws and Ohio pupil transportation operation and safety rules

Pupil Transportation

Our bus driver’s biggest responsibility occurs when picking up and dropping off students.  During these stops, drivers must remain alert to their passengers, pedestrians and other traffic around the bus.  To keep our students safe, it is imperative that all parents honor the rules for pick-up and dismissal.

  • Pick-up – Parents will have students ready at bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled pickup time.  Bus will no longer wait until students leave their homes.  Boarding should only take 30 seconds at most.  Drivers are instructed to leave students waiting at front door or leaving garages.  This is for the safety of all our students.  When a bus has to wait, traffic backs up and can cause accidents.
  • Dismissal – Parents must be ready to receive your child/ren by 3:30 p.m.  The earliness of this time is due to the inconsistency of our afternoon routes.  Because our main priority is that of students safety, parents need to be sure they are present when the bus arrives,  The driver needs to see a face in order for them to release the student from the bus.  If no one is seen, the child/ren will be taken back to the school and you will be notified to pick them up.  If you are asked to pick your child/ren up from the school more than once, your child/ren will loose bus service for a week.
  • Cellular Phones - The use of a cell phone while driving an ISGT school bus is prohibited.   Our drivers are no longer permitted to use cellular phones while they are transporting children.  If parents need to contact a bus driver, they must contact the school office prior to school dismissal.

Download the Islamic School of Greater Toledo Bus Policy, Rules, and Regulations